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St. Catherine's Lighthouse, Isle of Wight

Lighthouse Therapies is a hypnotherapy & regression therapy specialist on the Isle of Wight.  We take pride in guiding our clients in activating their inner resources and rediscover themselves through hypnotherapy and regression therapy. 

Who We Are?

Lighthouse Therapies is founded by Ellemiek Drucker. She has devoted the past 20 years to Psychology, Translation of Dreams and Meanings, and Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapies. 
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Our Location

Lighthouse Therapies located in a quiet and peaceful environment. Sessions can be combined with a stay at the villa as an immersion experience over a number of days.
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Our Services

Hypnotherapy is effective for changing and overcoming unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. Regression therapy is a powerful tool help for helping clients overcome trauma by healing the cause of it, freeing our clients from that past, and liberating them to reach their full potential in life.
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Our Clients

Let our clients tell you about their experience.
We look forward to hearing yours.
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What Is Hypnotherapy & Regression Therapy?

An effective way for changing obsessive or recurring negative thoughts and distressing feelings. There are no side effects with hypnotherapy and result are often achieved with just a few sessions. 

The portrayals of hypnosis in the entertainment and media industries have contributed to a wide misunderstanding of the true nature of hypnosis. The following information may help to address some of the more widely held misconceptions about hypnosis.
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Anyone who is willing to explore the depth of their own soul is not only helping themselves, but also their family and friends. I believe understanding where we come from and what we are here to do is the key to getting the most out of life and to having fun living it. 

Regression therapy targets the root of the problem and brings understanding and forgiveness in just a few sessions. It takes courage to go back to the darkest times of your soul, but I have learnt, from my own experience and from seeing the transformation of my clients, how incredibly rewarding it is.
— Ellemiek Drucker, Lighthouse Therapies