Overview of Therapies


Therapy and Counselling sessions starting at £60/hour.

Some clients are satisfied with just a single session whereas others choose to have multiple sessions to continue their journey of self-awareness. Sessions can be combined with a stay at the villa as an immersion experience over a number of days.

Lighthouse Therapies UK is fully insured.

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Hypnosis is used to bring about therapeutic change, whereby the therapist helps to activate the client’s inner resources. It is effective for changing unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours and overcoming certain phobias. 

Regression Therapy

Regression therapy is a powerful tool for helping clients overcome trauma by healing the cause of it, freeing our clients from that past, and liberating them to reach their full potential in life.


Between Lives refers to the period of time the soul spends between incarnations. In a Between Lives Spiritual Regression (BLSR) we use deep hypnosis to access these memories and to allow the client to travel beyond a past life and into personal soul memories in the spirit realm before this current life. Thousands of such sessions have been conducted worldwide and they tend to contain common elements - ‘stations’ that most client visit. Most clients are met by a loved one after their body dies, they meet their spirit guide, their soul group and their Council of Elders and often plan for their next incarnation on earth. These sessions are a visceral experience for most clients and they offer the opportunity to ask any questions, such as ‘Why am I here?’, ‘What am I meant to do in life?’, ‘Am I on the right track?’. BLSR sessions are suitable for people who would like to understand more about themselves as spiritual beings to advance their soul growth.        

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A past life journey allows clients to discover a past life and get the learnings from it. This can be very interesting for those who are fascinated with a particular place or country, or a keen interest or hobby and it can help them remember skills they have once had.


The hypno-gastric band gives the benefits of having a much smaller stomach so clients can speed up their weight loss by naturally and significantly reducing the intake of food. There is no invasive surgery, no exposure to hospital bugs and the client is fully supported both before and after the treatment.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which was developed in Japan nearly 100 years ago. I use the hands-on method, which means that during a session, I place my hands lightly on different parts of the client’s head, torso and legs. Clients remain fully clothed during the session. Each hand position is held for a few minutes in order to restore the flow of energy in the body and to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki healing sessions are generally relaxing and last for about one hour.


Everything in the universe is made up of energy and even though we cannot see it, we are still affected by it. Spirit releasement addresses any problems that arise when we have been affected by external energies in such a way that it is detrimental to us and is done with love.

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Terms and conditions

We understand sometimes cancellations and postponements are unavoidable. Please give us a 24-hour advance notice by email, phone, or text. We will reply with instructions for rescheduling. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a 50% charge will apply. If you do not attend your appointment without notification, a 100% charge will apply.