Happy Clients & Testimonials

Ellemiek enabled me to discover and confront the foundation of my issues. She helped me see what life is like today, rather than what it was. With that understanding, I am now able to create the future that I envisioned and longed for. I am happy to have stayed with Lighthouse Therapies in Ventnor for the weekend where I can truly relax and recuperate from my hectic life in London.
— VH from London

Two regression therapy sessions and I'm a different person. My anxiety and poor mental health was debilitating before, now I have a life and a future. I can't thank Ellemiek enough for giving me my life back.

— MW from Newport

Went to get regression therapy due to being scared of woods. Well what can I say, it was an amazing experience, was at total ease and relaxed and got to the bottom of the problem, was surprised how emotional I got when a regressed, but due to what I saw, I can now happily go into the woods with my family. I wrote down a few days later what I remembered from being in regression and it was interesting to read it back a few months later, it was like being in a dream. Highly recommend regression therapy with lighthouse therapies. Thank you.”

— LW from Sandown

I had a very successful outcome for a habit I've had for over 30 years - it's now completely gone! I found Ellemiek to be very professional - able to create a safe, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere immediately and quickly focus in on the issue. Would highly recommend.

— LF from Ryde


Went for a little help to lose a lot of weight. Got some much more, not only have I stopped eating so much rubbish and lost some weight but I've found my will power. My self confidence has grown and my waistline hasn't. I no longer worry about what others think about how I look. Was made to feel totally at ease and nothing was to much trouble. I cannot recommend Lighthouse Therapies highly enough.

— BL from Ryde

I went with Problems sleeping and I can honestly say, I have slept brilliantly since. The only bad nights I have had since, have been caused by something like car alarms, shouting in the street etc.. waking me up. I've had no problem getting back to sleep after things like this now. In the past if I woke up I would have been awake for hours! Really enjoyable and relaxing experience.

— KC from Shanklin

I have just reached 4 months of being smoke free thanks to Ellemiek at Lighthouse Therapies. It has been the easiest process and I am forever grateful. Ellemiek completely knows what she is doing. I recommend her to anyone who wants to kick the habit for good. I am very happy.

— RE from Freshwater